1/6 Scale Dragon Models US Navy Seal Team Six ” Rick “


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U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six, Rick. Rick was born on Christmas Day, 1999 and decomissioned on Feb. 26th, 2001. Now is your chance to pick this one up at a reasonable price. Rick comes with a very detailed assault rifle vest, Mk.III Navy combat knife with sheath, nomex aviator gloves, Benelli super 90 shotgun with Sure Fire tactical light, M3 shotgun with pump action, pistol belt with Motorola walkie-talkie with throat mic and head set, LC-2 first aid pouch, canteen and cover, Protec helmet with polyfoam lining, body armor, Nomex CWU-27P flight suit, and M9 pistol with black special forces holster.Package Quantity : 1


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