A Factory Under the Sea: Stranded in Time 2 – eBook


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AN ADVENTURE UNDER THE OCEANSTHE UNDERWATER FACTORYSavannah Proehl, Kenneth Yardrow and Unquill Hester visited Heracleion to find out what exactly is behind the murder of Imam Walid Felor, Olon Daniel, and Kaloa Syncrate. The only thing connecting these three people is their participation in a project that is supposed to make atmosphere ships capable of standing up to the Soonseen.The Okuda Drive is perhaps the most important undergoing project, as it puts humanity on an even footing with the Soonseen.Who can possibly be trying to stop a project that will protect the Earth from invasion?There is only one way to find outget to the center of all the events themselves.In the second installment of this adventurous tale, Kenneth and Savannah visit an underwater factory in Heracleion where the Okuda Drive is being built. Being at the root of it all, they hope to see the bigger picture and piece things together.But will they make it in time, when before they even got there, the unknown enemy has already set a plan for their destruction?Follow Kenneth and Savannah as they find more answers as secrets unravel right before their very eyes….If you wish to read more, download now!BONUS FOR YOU IF YOU BUY THIS BOOK!EXCERPTWhen the driver told them they had arrived at their destination, she didnt believe him at first. She remembered that President Slaan had wanted them to visit an underwater factory. She had thought of driving through a tunnel connecting the base to the mainland. She had not envisioned a submarine, much less one that looked so different from the ones she had seen in the movies.The gray metallic mass of the submarine extended a longer distance than Savannah would have thought possible. Every submarine she had seen had been small vessels in which people had to duck their heads.She supposed submarines from the seventy-third century had to accommodate the reality of people being very tall. It looked like a round, cylindrical section of metal that reminded Savannah of a stovepipe hat.As they advanced on the submarine with rain pouring down all around them, a hatch opened to reveal a thin man wearing a dark blue hat with a yellow brim.The man called out to them, Just use the rungs there. Give a cry if you need assistance!The rain fell down in sheets, and Savannahs braid soaked through, sticking to her shirt. Her sneakers squished in the puddles that formed around her feet. She walked right up to the edge of the submarine, and then grasped hold of a series of metal rungs protruding from the hull.She was the first to climb up to the top of the submarine where the man in the blue hat waited for them. He guided her onto the ladder that went down into the bowels of the ship.Download and discover why readers follow Carl Johnson.Scroll up and get the book now!


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