A Wild Goose Chase: And Other Stories – eBook


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For over four decades Mike has been shooting and chasing the elusive Wild Goose; mainly the Pink-footed Goose. He certainly knows the meaning of the saying, ‘A Wild Goose Chase and Goose Fever’ as he has experienced it many times throughout his lifetime. Now in his mid-sixties he has probably seen and been involved in areas of shooting that will never be witnessed or ever re-lived again. But local reports show that now even after many, many years geese are still on a 20% yearly increase. It must be the most sought after bird in the UK during the winter months. There are a number of short stories in this book about his adventures as he calls them and the fun he shared with many others. Mike talks about what its like to go Wildfowling and inland Goose Shooting. He tells of sitting for hours just waiting to see those magnificent birds as they leave the safety of the estuaries or lochs to fly inland to their feeding grounds.


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