Amazing Ashville – by Bob Hines (Paperback)


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In the heart of the Buckeye State, nestled amongst the corn and soy bean fields lies one of the most colorful rural communities in the United States. In Amazing Ashville, you’ll find a guide to all the weird and wonderful aspects of this Ohio community unlike any other, just waiting for you to unearth its uncounted mysteries. Read countless true tales of small town lore, like the dog who voted Republican, the rooster that paid for his own meals, the egg laid by an artistic goose, or the coin collector who was served in a soup. This rural community is the home of the first automated highway tests, the world’s largest woman, and the original Spiderman. Local author Bob Hines takes you on a fascinating tour of the community he’s proud to call home. You may not have ever experienced Ashville’s unusual traffic light that has found its way into Guinness World Records, but with Amazing Ashville to lead you, you’ll want to stop by for much longer than it takes the light to change.


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