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Manufactured to function as the ideal ammunition pouch, the Allen shotgun ammo pouch will ensure you have simple admission to your further ammunition. A good quality ammunition pouch is an ideal way to be sure you have the ammunition you’ll need to be triumphant in almost any situation. And because of the Allen shotgun ammo pouch, admittance to a high quality ammo transporting pouch hasn’t ever been more economical. built using good quality resources and design, these ammo pouches from Allen will provide you with many years of efficient and efficient use. For an unbelievably long time, Allen has been a common label in the shooting industry, and the Allen shotgun ammo pouch is the result of their commitment to supplying the customer the very best of the best. for a fantastic way to ensure you are working by incorporating of the most effective gear that the tactical industry can offer, choose the Allen shotgun ammo pouch.Features:- Opens Quietly- Slide Release Closure- Attaches to Any Belt- (10) ShotgunShell LoopsSpecifications:- Type: Shotgun- Color: Black


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