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Neo Pseudo began life on this planet during the late 1980s, a fertile musical time in the valley of Happy, also known as Central Pennsylvania, or more specifically State College, home to Penn State University. In those heady days of yore there were bands a plenty. There was Cartoon, weaving its four part harmonies around an amazing array of originals as well as folk rock standards. On the punky side you had Back Seat VanGogh who worked in the pop-punk vein to yield radio hits like quot;Catch a New Wavequot;. The artsy side of punk, post-punk, or whatever youd call it had Archie Blue, again a band packed with stellar original tunes and wonderfully freaky covers of Talking Heads etc. There was the Rustical Quality String Band and Whetstone Run holding down the traditional folk and bluegrass sounds and The Screaming Ducks churning out classic rock covers. It was into this wonderful mix of music strode the brothers Biddison, Mike and Dave as a part of the band Space Goop. The band featured excellent harmonies and original tunes. They managed to be popular in bars, fraternities and with a more thinking, listening audience as well. Another popular band of the day was Bookends which featured the angelic harmonies of Susie Door and Beth Williams combined with Chris Mincer on guitar. At first, they were primarily a cover band treading the well worn path of sixties/seventies folky standards, but Beth Williams soon emerged as a talented songwriter. Along about 1985 Ticapoo Brain was born featuring the Biddison brothers, Beth Williams and Scott Turner. The group played to packed crowds in the local bars and showed off four excellent songwriters and singers. As all of this was evolving, the development of the four track cassette recorder was having a rather large impact on the world of quot;home recordingquot; Almost overnight it seemed an aspiring songwriter could have a multi-track recording studio in their basement, bedroom or bath for under five hundred bucks. Kevin Slick, a local musician, songwriter, radio DJ and veteran of many bands was an active practioner of the recording craft and began to release his material on cassettes, the popular medium for low-budget releases in those days. His work attracted the attention of several national and international magazines and radio shows devoted to covering the emerging quot;DIYquot; culture in music. In the spring of 1988 Ticapoo Brain had split up and Mike Biddison came calling on Kevin Slick. Biddison said he was interested in getting to know the guy who was quot;putting out all those tapes.quot; Mike had already booked a gig at Penn State for an outdoor concert and it soon became apparent that the new duo would work out. The early song list featured classics from the folk rock cannon mixed with originals. The sound, according to Slick was quot;sort of neo-folk, pseudo-popquot; He later stated that having recently had many of his tapes reviewed in magazines, the words quot;neoquot; and quot;pseudoquot; seemed to pop up often, so it was that they called themselves Neo Pseudo. Actually the original show was billed as Mike Biddison and Kevin Slick as Neo and Pseudo. The duo began gigging at various State College venues, The Brickhouse, The Phryst and strangely enough, Champs Sports Bar. Since Mikes previous bands had been big draws in the bars and at fraternities, Neo Pseudo ventured into many of the same establishments. This lead to one of the oddest of the early gigs, a frat party where Mike grew more sick as the evening went on and Kevin ended up p


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