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Knowing that the time has come to take a stand against bullying in school, two brave and compassionate high school students form a gay/straight alliance to protect their friends.At what point do you stop turning a blind eye when you see someone being bullied?For Hank, someone who had endured more than his fair share of bullying, that moment was clear. When he sees Edwin, the new kid in town, being confronted on the way home from school, he knows he has to intervene. Putting his own safety aside, he steps up to save Edwinand in doing so, learns that he has more in common with the other boy than he could have imagined. Edwin, he learns, is being raised by lesbian parents. Hank has two gay men as fathers, so he understands just what Edwin is going through.In each other, the two new friends find more than just common ground; they find the strength to make a stand, not only against the bullies, but against the belief that harassment, intimidation, and assault is acceptable. Hank and Edwin work tirelessly and creatively to create bridges of understanding and tolerance in their community. Their goal is to not only create a gay/straight alliance at their school, but to get the community behind their ideals as well.And just as they expect, they encounter resistance, intolerance, and ignorance. The strength of their friendship gives them the courage they need to see their plans realized, so that every studentgay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, and those disenfranchised in any waycan enjoy a safe, caring environment. That is what every student, every person deserves.


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