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A concept of warfare is only a module to simulate a possible eventuality or expected scenario that might occur in the battlefield and battlefront. This is to say that experts understand the risks of real battles and the challenges that might arise. Managing the shift is what takes away over-confidence to keep the soldiers aware of the inevitable unpredictability. Warfare is not playing in a campus and its the reason war drills are tailored to present a near or comparable battlefield experiences.A Christian soldier is a real soldier trained and equipped to fight real enemies, which is to say that spiritual warfare is not a figment of imagination. A real battle present real casualty of war and safety comes with preparedness and readiness to fight and win. There is no middle-ground between winning and losing in a battle. The result will determine our success and failure.When the Bible commanded us to put on the whole armour of God, it is evident that there is war brewing in the horizon. The warning is more than any expert opinions because spiritual revelation is a cure for lifes blind spot. Entering a dimension that is not known is like venturing into the abyss and the disorientation can lead to disorganization. The moral of a soldier is equivalent to a compass or GPS that connect a purpose and destiny. When we mistake a battle for play, we carelessly expose our lives to greater danger.


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