Askelad and the Seven Silver Ducks


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OboeBass! The Vecchione/Erdahl Duo has created their own unique genre of chamber music of a different color for oboe/English horn and double bass. Minnesota Public Radios Steve Staruch calls themquot;pioneers in the classical music business. Forging ahead with a new chamber music combination that has them performing recently commissioned works, putting together their own music series in Lakeville, and giving concerts in out of the way places. Who would have guessed that an Oboe/Bass duo combination would sound so….well, so right!quot; The music of Margi Griebling-Haigh has been characterized as haunting, charismatic, yearning, wistful, lyrical, colorful, and insoucient! She is concerned with conveying emotions and moods, but firmly believes in the powers of memorable melodies and rhythms and strong formal structure. While her music is sometimes technically challenging and rhythmically tricky, consideration for the comfort and enjoyment of performers and audience members alike is of great importance. Simply put, her music is effective and charming. Margi is also an oboist, married to a bassist, Scott Haigh, First Assistant Principal Bass of the Cleveland Orchestra. Her familiarity of the possibilities of both instruments make her uniquely qualified as a composer of oboe/bass duos! Humor is also an important hallmark of her style. She enjoyed using some of the typecast qualities of oboe and bass in this piece, where the oboe portrays the ducks, and the bass represents the trolls. She also illustrated this book, recycling images of the performers and her husband and daughter to portray the various characters in the book. Askelad was commissioned by OboeBass! With the support of a Jerome Composers Commissioning Project Grant from the American Composers Forum.


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