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Bumbling Bumble Bees Asphalt Bungle shows how two small-time crooks screw-up their hoped-for last score. In the comedic-suspense original screenplay Asphalt Bungle (published by AuthorHouse), by author Lawrence J. Corneck, readers meet two strange dudes, their myriad criminal cohorts and a caper that goes completely kablooey. When Edwin is released from prison, he is met by his supposed best pal Bongo. Ready for his first post-prison meal at Brooklyn Dreams Diner, Edwin expects an easy evening. But things havent been easy for Edwin in quite some time. So, when a he gets caught up in a bust at the diner, it seems like the Golden Goose has arrived; that is until Edwin and Bongo launch a plan to steal a priceless painting from a safe in the home of a sex-crazed octogenarian gangster carrying on an affair with a bipolar scamming Russian waitress working for an entrepreneurial thug. Played against the backdrop of New York City, Asphalt Bungle, with its dizzying cast of eccentric characters and humorous plot twists, is a thinking mans suspense story. With equal parts hilarity and pop insight, the story takes the classic heist story and turns it into a Shakespearean feast. Bad judgment calls, double-crossing alliances, court-jesters, an off-beat love story brewing in impossible circumstances – Asphalt Bungle includes it all.


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