Barronett Blinds OX 5 3 Person Pop-Up Hunting Blind Backwoods in Camo


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Introducing the Ox 5 Hub Blind from Barronett. Featuring OxHide fabric, a unique 2-layer bonded fabric unlike anything ever used on a portable ground blind. OxHide maximizes concealment on the exterior with a soft, no-shine, and color rich camouflage layer, that is permanently bonded to an ultra-durable, waterproof, woven polyester interior layer which is the ultimate in durability. In addition, the black interior fabric layer creates a dull black backdrop to conceal movement that will never scratch, crack or flake off. The Ox 5 is a five-sided blind that has a deceptively large interior giving the hunter a panoramic view and enough room to stay far away from window openings to keep movement concealed. The all-new fully adjustable window design opens from the center horizontally across 3 sides and silently slides to the desired width or height.


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