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How often do we come across a couple who are complete opposites and yet bond brilliantly? This book tells of a pig and a duck who suffer similar fates. Both of them run away from home and by chance meet up where they create a bond which proves unbreakable. Together they decide to seek a new future which is reliant on the pig finding a cure for his affliction. Like a lot of mothers who encourage their children to pursue their talents Barty Hog’s mother was convinced her son was going to be a World famous singer. Unfortunately, neither she or Barty were aware of a serious problem he had with his voice. There was also a similar situation with Barty’s new friend Darcy. The problem with Darcy was the fact that her legs were too long to pursue her first chosen career. Follow them both as they journey through their young lives trying to overcome what they call their handicap. At times it is sad, other times they are really happy but what will the final outcome be? There is a very long journey ahead for both of them. Will they be together at the end? Will they achieve what they set out to do? There could be a tear at the end, not only from Barty and Darcy but also you the reader!


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