Between Before & Beyond


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Quiet Heroes is a rock-oriented recording group which has released four works to date: Throwaway Party (1988), Heroglyphics (1991), Starving on the Edge of Paradise (2000), and Between Before and After (2002). Variety is bands trademark, as their songs range from harding driving, in-your-face rock, to medium paced classic rock, to slow, sensual ballads, with a little bit of everything else woven in between. The lyrics are typically strong and catchy. This album, BETWEEN BEFORE AND AFTER is a complilation disc which includes songs from the bands three previous cds, and also includes three new songs. This selection of Quiet Heroes songs provides a good introduction to the band (if theyre not known to you) and is a great collection of songs for these who are already fans! Regarding the songs on this album: Wickwire Road is a medium paced crossover tune about a winding country road in West Virginia where even love can get lost! Month of Mondays is a mesmerizing song utilizing several unique instruments, a mellotron, african drums, and a unique stringed instrument designed by Neal Hamilton and called an American Sitar (this instrument is also featured on the song The Serpent Beguiled Me (and I ate) from the bands third album. American Dream is an acoustic, American folk ballad written before the 9/11/01 tragedy and often requested by listeners. Strategy, is a classic rock song about the art of eye contact. New Things is an ecclectic song about credit cards (you know those nasty plastic things which make us want NEW THINGS). All For You is a pop tune about, what else…love that could be (isnt that sweet). Waterfields, on the other hand is a classic rocker about the loss of love, sung by guitarist Tommy Joe Oliveto, from the bands second album. Ducks on Your Fence is about a girl who is so pretty she can line up guys all the guys she wants (like ducks on her fence)! Tired Of Your Love is a rocker which is often referred to as the divorced peoples anthem. Somewhere Near The End is a fast paced rocker sung by drummer, Pat McCleary, and, like many of the other songs, has some great lyrics. Spiral Cloud is hard to describe…it is sort of like The Beatles Strawberry Fields (it doesnt make sense…wait…yes, it does)!. High On A Mountain is a light rocker about the life of a nature artist whose job it is to hike out into the mountains and paint scenery for all of us to enjoy. Age of Information is a fast rocker from the bands first album lamenting the growing technocracy (written in 1982…its quite prophetic, eh). Cigarette is a harder edged song likening addiction to nicotine to the addiction of love. Follow You is an acoustic tune about submissiveness, and again includes a mellotron in its instrumentation. Baby Im Crazy is a crossover tune, featuring the pedal steel guitar playing of Mark Marino, and is a great country song without the truck, the bottle or the dog. And lastly, People In The Street is a song about….what else…people in the street, and is an introspective ditty in the vein of the Beatles All You Need Is Love. Try this selection, if you dont like it youll be out a few bucks (but it wouldnt be the first time…would it?). ON THE OTHER HAND, since this is a compilation album, IT MIGHT RESULT IN A WHOLE NEW SOURCE OF MUSIC TO ENJOY FOR YEARS TO COME and youll broaden your horizons with other Quiet Heroes compositions. Currently our website is down, so e-mail us


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