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Beyond The Briefing Room is a thrilling and goose bump chilling ride-along on a cops life in the fast lane, a raw and gripping inside look at a man with a badge.Sheriff Rick Bridgeman is a grizzled 25 year veteran in the Ridley County Sheriffs Department. He has gained a name for himself as the departments Beretta, hell-bent on protecting the sheep from the wolves, always ready to answer the call. A force to be reckoned with, this former U.S. Marine Corps platoon leader follows a code of silence, honor, fidelity, and commitment. Even when off duty, his mind is still on the job. But Sheriff Bridgeman patrols the crime-ridden streets and alleyways with a death wish. His only allegiance lies with his wife, his son, and the sheriff’s department. His story is insightful, riveting, and action-packed with harrowing events that bring Sheriff Rick Bridgeman to his destiny.


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