Bog the Frog and Friends – eBook


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Join Bog the Frog and his many friends on an epic adventure!Bog is a frog who likes to play, but never alone. So, he calls his friend, the dog to join him in his fun. The dog, who likes to have fun agrees. The dog invites the hog who agrees to join them, but Bog, being the friendly frog that he is, wants more friends to join them.Turtle joins in. So does the Alligator, and theHawk and the Bugs, and the Buckand Chuck the Duck and so many, many of his friends!Soon, the entire place is filled with friends wanting to play! Oh, what will happen next?Bog the Frog and friends is a delightfully entertaining story for kids by B. Legendari. With a beautifully simple and engaging plot and wonderfully lucid illustrations by Danh Tran, this is the perfect book for your kids. Get yours now!Scroll up and click the button to follow Bog the Frog and Friends on their exciting adventures today!


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