Bouger And Sara: Life With A Family Of Geese (Paperback)


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The baby gosling zipped through the tall spring grass, out of reach, from our pasture into the neighbor’s. How would I ever catch him? Dodging horses and calves, I tried to at least keep an eye on him while negotiating the barbed wire strands and trying not to rip my new jeans.It wasn’t the last time I would call him a little bouger! (In the South, as I was growing up, a bouger was something mean and ornery giving you trouble or trying to scare you.) Bouger was fearless around the hens, calves, or neighbors, ever on watchful guard over Sara and his growing family.And Sara, lovely, white, beautiful Sara, as calm and sweet as Bouger was a bluster! Faithfully, she turned the eggs and kept them warm with her downy feathers in all kinds of weather until hatching day, when little yellow heads peeped from under her wings. Then goslings Charlie, Frankie, and little handicapped Sammy-this goose family had much to teach our family.Lean over the fence with Louisa, Freddie, and parents to watch a family of geese reveal surprising instincts programmed by the Creator.Give blustery gray gander Bouger a wide berth as he guards his lady, white Emden Sara, and trains their goslings.Laugh as Bouger and Sara flip new babies into the irrigation ditch for swimming lessons and create their own games!Celebrate the liftoff as they hear the ancient call to migrate south.In Bouger and Sara you will laugh, cry, and gain new appreciation for a goose family’s adventures.Welcome to Quaker Acre in Southern Idaho!


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