Breaking the Mother Goose Code – eBook


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Who was Mother Goose? Where did she come from, and when? Although shes one of the most beloved characters in Western literature, Mother Gooses origins have seemed lost in the mists of time. Several have tried to pin her down, claiming she was the mother of Charlemagne, the wife of Clovis (King of the Franks), the Queen of Sheba, or even Elizabeth Goose of Boston, Massachusetts. Others think shes related to mysterious goose-footed statues in old French churches called Queen Pedauque. This book delves deeply into the surviving evidence for Mother Gooses origins from her nursery rhymes and fairy tales as well as from relevant historical, mythological, and anthropological data. Until now, no one has ever confidently identified this intriguing yet elusive literary figure. So who was the real Mother Goose? The answer might surprise you.


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