Broken Condoms & Promises


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Nobody tells you how much your life will change right before you turn 30. They only tell you about the obvious things that you can Google, and not the heartbreak, addiction or even jail time that comes with it. Welcome to Broken Condoms and Promises, where best friends Siya, Eshari and Cassidy are all about to have their worlds turned upside down one year shy of their dirty thirties. Meet Siya At 29, Siya was used to living lavish and only having to worry about herself. She’s content with being a homeowner with no kids and living the single life. She was used to keeping to herself, because she was much more in love with her independence than the idea of actually loving another human being. When things in her professional life turn from sugar to…well, you know, she’s forced to rely on what she knows to keep her bills paid. In turn, she gives a whole new meaning to the term, promiscuous girl. In the midst of that, she reconnects with her ex, Dacarri Blackmon. He’s back with a mission to set her heart on fire and show her what a real emotional connection feels like the second time around. If he plays his cards right, he may be able to win her back if her new “profession” doesn’t get in the way. Meet Eshari Coming up, it wasn’t hard for Eshari to attract a man to take care of her so she wouldn’t have to lift a finger. To her friends, she has the perfect life. She’s always traveling and going on shopping sprees, but at what cost? Her husband Hassan is a wealthy businessman of Persian and African-American descent. After three years of marriage, she finds herself wanting the one thing his money can’t buy her; a baby. While desperate to conceive after a miscarriage, she learns of her husband’s infidelity. Blinded by her desires to relish in the joys of motherhood, she decides to take matters into her own hands by rewriting her fate. While in the thick of it with Hassan, will she learn that true love doesn’t cost a thing? Meet Cassidy Cassidy learned a long time ago that men were replaceable. Miss one, wait another 15 minutes and another will show up. She’s spent the last few years of her twenties never letting her feet hit the ground before she’s swept up into the arms of one new beau after the next. While her ex, Nasir, is serving time for a drug wrap, she finally decides to get her life together and settle down. She puts away her days of being just another trophy girlfriend to another street king. That’s when she meets a baller with a legitimate bank roll, Jonathan Welch, a prestigious figure on the Hill in Washington D.C. She quickly falls knee-deep in love with his charm and good looks, until he starts to send her on an emotional roller coaster with too many broken promises. Feeling played and hell bent on revenge, she accepts the help of an old flame to permanently extinguish a new one. This spicy tale follows these three as their relationships are tested and all rules are broken. With the odds stacked up against them, will this small circle of friends make it through the storm or will their own personal drama consume them? After all, pressure creates diamonds.


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