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Ref: Bumble Jack – teen&family/fiction/action-comedy/film/56Kwords/2019This story is an almighty laugh !This story can be best described a `sweet one about `the-birds-and-the-bees !All three subjects know absolutely nothing about babies whatsoever but somehow one of them manages to get pregnant !So can you figure out just how she got pregnant without having sex ?If not give it a read.It could be you !Back to the story. Back in those days it was an embarrassing topic to discuss. The teachers thought it was the parents duty to teach their kids about babies. Whilst the parents thought it was the teachers job to teach them kids about reproduction.So once a upon a time somewhere in the middle east there lived a couple trying for a baby. Eventually they sort help from an `expert ! After several sessions the so called `expert goes Are you two having sex ? …… They replied We thought you just had to cuddle for a baby !!!!So there you have it. If you dont teach them about reproduction they will never get pregnant ! Sounds like a great way of avoiding a record number teenage pregnancies thesedays. However in this story that is no so !Sounds like a `right laugh !Back to the story. Jack was dressed up as a menacing wasp at a fancy dress party which every girl avoided. So he ended up dancing all alone. Due to an unforeseen mishap he was transformed into a lovable bumble bee which the girls found highly attractive. They all just could not help themselves but swing with him doing the bumble dance just like the one a bee does in a hive ! It doesnt stop there. Just like a real bee Jack unwittingly transfers DNA material between two subjects resulting in a pregnancy !So the girls poor overprotective dad has a mental and physical breakdown as he cant figure out just how she got pregnant watching her 24/7 !. It all happened right behind his back whilst he was working undercover as a school caretaker sweeping the floor ! He loses both height and weight ! Now hes on a mission to kill the last lad who was anywhere near his daughter. So Jacks ducking and diving in avoiding `the-mad-dog-of-a-dad with an axe to grind ! Whilst her mum is having the laugh of the century if not the millennium ! Meanwhile the girl in question is totally oblivious to the matter. In addition her dad has his work cut out doing everything possible to get his daughter to lose the child by making her `laugh-out-loud to the point of a miscarriage !The story is followed by more twists-and-turns with a surprising ending.—————————————————————-oOo—————————————————————-So I just happen to mention my story to my doctor.They goWhat a great story !What a brilliant idea !Then they continue withWhat about her dad ?I replyHes gone bonkers.Hes lost weight and height too !She was quite impressed with my story and it put a smile on her face.—————————————————————-oOo—————————————————————-Read my other titles including Bumble Jack which is a right huge laugh ! Its about a handshake that leads to a pregnancy ! (Her poor dad, HandzOff !) Finally all the stories evolved from a metaphor as found in The SubHuman which has also been rewritten in a positive light in SuperSouls or in a negative one in SubSouls ! The metaphor has been put into practice in HandShakers . The stories are totally unique as they could never of been written without the metaphor.


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