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Lucifer drives the car that he has stolen as close as he can get to the school. Once he encounters the police barricades, he abandons the car and just walks away from it. Then he moves in, on foot, until the police would have stopped him. However, Lucifer simply moves back a bit, ducks behind a truck and transfers into a higher-dimensional space. To a three-dimensional observer, Lucifer just disappears into thin air.Multi-dimensional Lucifer can’t actually exist in 3-D space. However, a sort of shadow of Lucifer can exist in 3-D space. The 3-D shadow is, for most intents and purposes, a fully functional 3-D being. True, the shadow doesn’t quite seem to exist to 3-D people, appearing as a sort of dim, not-quite-there form. However, the form can move independently in 3-D space and manipulate objects in 3-D space. Of course, Lucifer can see from higher-dimensional space into 3-D space. This last is very useful to Lucifer.Lucifer covers the remaining distance to the school in higher-dimensional space. The walls and roof of the school are, of course, no barrier to Lucifer, in higher-dimensional space. Lucifer moves into position in higher dimensional space. Then Lucifer moves from higher dimensional space into the 3-D corridor of the school. In front of him is an armed man that he has seen from the higher dimensional space. The bored man is watching the steady stream of old people shuffling back and forth to the bathroom. The bored man’s back is to Lucifer.The 3-D shadow of Lucifer moves in and hits the man near the base of the skull with the butt of a hatchet. The man goes down without a sound. Working quickly, Lucifer drags the man back into a stub hallway and strings up the still living body with a length of wire about the mans neck. The hanged man twitches a few times and then dies, due to a lack of oxygen. Lucifer quickly rifles the mans pockets and also removes a wristwatch and a ring from the corpse. He also retains the mans rifle and a pistol the man had carried in a belt holster. With no ceremony, Lucifer then moves back into higher dimensional space. To a 3-D observer in the hall, Lucifer just disappears!Lucifer then reappears behind the guard in one of the rooms. As before, Lucifer hits the man near the base of the skull with the butt of a hatchet. The second man goes down without a sound.* * *I see the shadowy form that’s my son! I get up and tell the old people. Stay calm! The shadowy figure you see is my son. He won’t harm you. He’ll harm the gunmen who have us captive. If you stay calm and don’t make a sound, we’ll all get out of this mess. Again, stay calm and stay quiet!The old people are scared out of their minds. However, they’re too old to run and too weak and/or sick to even sustain a full scale panic for long. So they just wait and don’t start running around in a panic.The shadowy figure drags the unconscious man out of the room and down the stub hallway that contains the corpse of the first man. A second figure shortly hangs by a wire about his neck, joining the first corpse, in death. As before, Lucifer relieves the new corpse of valuables and weapons.From the door of the room, I watch Lucifer take care of business. Lucifer may kill with skill and savagery, but Lucifer never forgets the bottom line.As the shadowy figure finishes the grisly work he motions to me and then points. It seems he wants me to go into the second room.Okay, Lucifer wants me to go into the second room. Lucifer must have scanned the other room from wherever it is that he goes when he disappears. There will be only one guard in the other room. If I can get the guards full attention, Lucifer can strike with no danger to the old people. I don’t like the idea of exposing myself to danger, but then again Lucifer is very efficient, There’s probably no real danger here, or so I tell myself.


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