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Diana Nuez Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, I moved at the age of nineteen to Mexico City where I started singing professionally with the Carlos Beltran Orchestra. There I met a group of Swedish musicians, the Gimmicks, who asked me to join their group. I said yes, travelled to Sweden with them and have been a Swedish resident since then. For five years I sang and travelled around the world with this group. It was a great group with quality musicians who became like my family away from home. Especially the co-singer, Anita Strandell, whom I still work together with at times! (Our latest collaboration is the CD album Tropical Touch, recorded in 2004 for Gazell Records). The Gimmicks recorded several albums from. In 1998 the CD collection album The best of the Gimmicks from Acapulco to Tokyo was released by Sonet Records. After The Gimmicks, Anita Strandell and I continued on and formed a trio call Tre Damer with Inger st. This group became a huge success and for five intense years we received critical acclaim for performances and shows in night clubs, concert halls, festivals and TV, often collaborating with some of Swedens best lyricists, artists and musicians. Our most fruitful collaboration and the one people still remember us for, was with Swedens most well loved artist/poet/troubador, the late Cornelis Vreeswijk. This period in my career is what made it possible for me to really penetrate the Swedish music culture and language. It was a time of musical and artistical schooling. Another learning period for me was when I started doing work as a back-up vocalist. Here I have to thank my parents for giving me music lessons, since reading music is a must for this kind of work. During these years I did back-up work for both studio recordings, television/radio shows as well as concerts. I think the highlight of this period is when I was part of the back-up vocalists in the orchestra for a TV show where Tina Turner was a guest! Unforgettable! A close second is the 8-year gig I did with one of Swedens most popular female artists, Lill Lindfors. Every autumn, spring and summer 86 through 94 I was part of her orchestra. A wonderful time of memorable concerts and lots of traveling all around Scandinavia and even the USA. This period is pivotal in my life. I married Lars Beijbom, who is also my greatest music companion through my life thus far. We formed the group Bright Orange with some of the best musicians around Stockholm at the time and it turned out to be the most powerful musical experience Ive ever had. A fusion of pop, rock and jazz with all songs composed by Lars, we recorded an album called, The Goose is Out for Innovative Communications in 1983 and toured Germany. Bright Orange lasted until half the band started building families. Our own son, Daniel, was born in November of 84. In January of 86 I left Stockholm after fifteen intense years. With my husband and baby we moved to the little metropolis in the south of Sweden called Lund. Despite leaving the music capitol that Stockholm is, as two well established names in music, we have never regretted the move. Weve been lucky to initiate lots of new and great music collaborations here in the part of Sweden called Skne. After a few years where I prioritized motherhood, Anita Strandell and I revived the trio Tre Damer, but this time with singer Mia Adolphson. We did mostly parties and conference entertainment as well as an occasional TV show or small tour. But in 1


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