Community Square Dance


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This square dance album features singing calls; that is, calls that are sung to well known melodies, not spoken with the melody as background accompaniment. Dons rich, clear baritone vocals and original instrumentation on electric, acoustic, bass and pedal steel guitar add new life to such square dance favorites as Golden Stairs and Darling Nellie Gray. In Dons words, Over the years, weve played square dances in auction barns, fire halls, community centers, horse barns, field days, and anywhere else you can imagine. What I really enjoy about Community Square Dances is seeing everybody from newborns to great-grandparents and everybody in between, getting together and enjoying each other. I hope these three sets of squares that weve called for many years will provide you with a fun time for everyone. I really enjoy singing calls. The calls are basic and the music is timed to encourage beginners and warm up experienced dancers. You may want to familiarize yourself with Shashay, Break on the Head and Chase the Snake, Duck for the Oyster and Dig for the Clam, and Turn that Barrel Inside Out. This collection is dedicated to my long time friend, singer, caller and bass player, Ben Lee Shackelton. We miss you.


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