Comstock Classic Handbooks: Handbook of Snakes of the United States and Canada: Two-Volume Set (Paperback)


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For years Albert Hazen Wright and Anna Allen Wright traveled extensively, attempting to observe every species of snake in North America in its natural surroundings and collecting data and live specimens. Their exhaustive research resulted in a famous two-volume sourcebook, first published in 1957. Abundantly and painstakingly illustrated by the authors, this personalized natural history organizes for ready reference a wealth of information on American and Canadian snakes.Across the two volumes of Handbook of Snakes of the United States and Canada are accounts of more than three hundred species and subspecies, accompanied by photographs, drawings, and distribution maps. Generous excerpts from the authors’ field journals give the reader a vivid feeling of some of the satisfactions and conclusions of the Wrights’ search.Volume I features an introductory section in which the Wrights cover snake names and such features of their biology and behavior as range, size, longevity, distinctive characteristics, color, habitat, period of activity, breeding, ecdysis, food, venom and bite, and enemies. It also includes an informative new foreword written for the 1994 reprint edition by Jonathan A. Campbell, a leading expert on snakes. The main section of Volume I comprises in-depth accounts of twenty-nine snake species, from Leptotyphlopidae (blind snakes) to Opheodrys (green snakes).Volume II includes species accounts of nineteen species, from Oxybelis (pike-headed tree snakes) to Sistrurus (ground rattlesnakes, pigmy rattlesnakes, and massasaugas), as well as a glossary and an index for both volumes


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