Country Brook Petz™ Duck Camo Grosgrain Ribbon Half Check Dog Collar


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Half check collars are a variation of humane choke collars and Country Brook Design offers custom-made selections that are high fashion. A half check collar is part collar and part chain. The half check collar is comparable to the martingale collar because it is a limited choke collar. It has a two-loop design that works by tightening on the dog’s neck when it is trying to remove its head from the collar or is struggling against a leash, but will loosen again when the dog stops struggling.A half check collar is a training tool for dogs that are a problem when on a leash and slip out of a conventional collar. It can be used for large and giant breeds that can easily pull an owner down.You can order any of our collars as a half check collar. If you do not see the design you’d like featured in our Half Check collars section, please feel free to call or send an email with your design of choice for your collar.Country Brook makes all their collars after the order has been placed. However, rest assured as your collar will ship within four business days of receiving payment.There are no standard sizes for dog collars. Please be sure to measure your dog’s neck for correct size. Measure around your dog’s neck (with string or tape measure) snugly where you want the collar to lay. If you have any questions or problems with sizes please give us a call before ordering.


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