Cyberhug.Me (Hacktivist Cyberwars For Human Rights) – eBook


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Elegance.Well written code contains no flourishes.Concise.Direct.Succinct.Back in the not too distant dark ages, when giant bureaucratic wheels ground human rights under their weight, individuals were consigned as grist to be crushed into a uniform flour of humanity. Seeming perpetual motion mill stones of suffering still exist; but enlightenment is coming once again to human interaction.These stories are representations of ethical hackers rewriting our shared futures. Definition of Ethical Hackers: on the side of human is a speculative novel in three acts.Act I: Your life is a burning match.*hacktivist* ~ Cyberwar explodes over a despotism’s genocide: The trilogy starts with a lone hackster, Billy, in a cyberbattle about to become physical.Act II: Light This FireComplicit Simplicity ~ Human Rights bless all through their complicit simplicity, by placing people above unjust law. As cyberwars extend beyond the ability of lone hackers, Billy forms a hacktivism team for recovering human rights.Act III: Ignite the world.Abacus Brief ~ Moonlit Knight’s Cyberwar and Peace: Billy’s protg risks annihilation in a high tech battle. He strives to solve a dangerous cyberwar maze on a beautiful Pacific island before he too is murdered. Moon finds love when he joins a hacktivist community fighting for peace and human rights.From the Author”Life, love, and liberty — these three. To experience them fully you must risk them fully.”Allan R. WallaceWith the passing of Hacker Jon the course of human rights hacktivism changes. You are part of cyberbattles. One side hopes to extend blind obedience; while the other side wants you to open your own mind. Having read this far you are already guilty of conspiracy to support human rights.Never give up your life cheaply.


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