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Fane Graves could be called an astonishing nothing, or a lame duck too dyslexic and nearsighted for the military, but in 1941, that all changed. He was 19 when he and his father were murdered by a drop dead bombshell named Elaine, and as his luck would have it, he didn’t find Heaven like his father. He woke in a country named Srin. A world so at odds it could make WWII look like a high school jock fight, Hitler a cheerleader and the U.S’s segregation laws a minor human-right’s hiccup. A bloody schism ran between the human and dragon races. The two groups were incredibly intelligent, but they were also so biased and indignant that they couldn’t bury a hatchet even if it was a rotting corpse. Now, because of their ultimate wisdom, Srin is poised for war, and Fane and his newly met friends are stuck smack dab in the middle of it. But worse, the last words Fane heard before he was killed got clearer and more disturbing by the day. He was going to be a Sage-whether he wanted to be or not. But if he played his cards right, and took the help he got from his friends, he’d finally get the chance to catch the murderer who stole so much from his young life. Dawn is a humorously serious fantasy that breathes new life into the coming of age motif. It mixes historical fiction, mystery and fantasy to not only tell the life of a growing adolescent into adulthood but to break the cookie-cutter YA genres of today.


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