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What is envisioned as the best Christmas ever, turns out to be the worst Christmas imaginable when Young Nevada Minnesota loses his adored Grandpa Daddy two days before Christmas.Digging Up Daddy follows Young Nevada as he struggles to preserve the sanctity and dignity of his grandfathers gravesite. But new cemetery manager Martin Synester has grandiose plans for both the cemetery and adjoining grounds, which if successful would create a ghoulish theme park, within a stones throw of the grave.Enter an unscrupulous, twice-disbarred attorney Samuel Livingston who senses a huge payday by exploiting the grave and memory of Young Nevadas grandfather. The blind ambition of both Synester and Livingston are tempered by the former cemetery owners, Benjamin and Mary Mayfair, who express remorse at having sold the cemetery, and seek the aid of their parish priest, in order to provide them with a pathway to redemption.Young Nevada battles his father for his perceived slight at Grandpa Daddys memory. Yet, Young Nevada is forced to confront his fathers secret, unsettling past. Ultimately, Young Nevada wishes that some facts about his grandfather had remained buried. With the aid of his neighbor, and a friend, Young Nevada grapples with whether his grandfather is deserving of the praise bestowed upon him.Digging Up Daddy is a coming of age novel for all ages that explores, love, sin, faith, and redemption.


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