DK Braille: On the Move


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Discover the exciting world of transportation in DK Braille: On the Move. Take fun quizzes and learn amazing facts about trucks, trains, planes, and more through high-impact and embossed images in this special book designed specifically for blind or visually impaired readers.From submarines deep in the ocean to hot-air balloons in the sky, DK Braille: On the Move covers nearly all forms of things that go and takes readers on their own exciting journey. The pages combine braille, large print, and high-contrast photography with clear and predictive layouts. Annotations offer instant information for readers, and the embossed images make new concepts as clear as possible for the tactile reader.DK Braille: On the Move is a unique book that delivers engaging information on the world of transportation right to curious young minds.A flagship series of high-quality, custom books with braille and tactile images for blind and partially sighted children, or sighted children with blind parents. DK Braille books combine uncontracted Unified English Braille and large type with high-contrast colors, embossed images, and tactile cutout shapes for children to feel with their fingers. The combination of text alongside the braille enables sighted parents to share the reading experience with visually impaired children, and for sighted children to share with their visually impaired parents.


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