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Being homeless is tough enough, but when someone wants you and your kind dead, it takes it to another level.The unlucky victims that cross the killers path suffer a brutal and bloody death, which is seemingly motiveless. But, in this quiet and previously crime-free town the veneer of normality hides someone with feelings that run deep and dark; feelings that have been fed by deception and a need for revenge.The sleepy town of Davenside, not far from the bustling city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, is rocked by the shocking news that a tramp has been brutally murdered in the grounds of a local Drop-In Centre; the very place where homeless people and other disenfranchised individuals turn to for refuge and help.Some residents seek answers from beyond the grave with near fatal results; others turn a blind eye to what is staring them in the face. But, what everyone wants to know is will the law nail this dangerous killer before the life another innocent victim is snuffed out?


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