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This complex story follows former Navy Seal Sam Snead Hook in the last occupation most people would consider; professional golfer. Much like the Lee Child thrillers that follow Jack Reacher, Duck Hook takes readers on a psychologically suspenseful adventure that involves golf tournaments, congressmen, family secrets, and bad guys. It had been eight years since Sam had touched a club and several years before that playing competitive golf. However, that is what Sam Snead Hook set out to do, spending all of his time playing in small local tournaments and finding a place to practice anywhere he could. His luck turned when he received a call at the last minute to play in a professional tournament in Charlotte, NC at Quail Hollow Country Club. He was asked to fill a spot vacated at the last minute. Despite the fact that Sam was in San Diego, he accepted the challenge. Sam arrived minutes before his tee time and was paired with a young charismatic golfer, and promptly played poorly by hitting duck hooks into trouble. After playing a less than stellar round of golf, Sam found a restaurant he could eat at and contemplate his next move. He struck up a conversation with the restaurant owner, John Grecco, a former Army Ranger, Special Forces. The two found a lot of common ground despite the rivalry between the Army and Navy, making Sam feel comfortable. The action started when Sam went to the bathroom, returning to find the restaurant in chaos, with a woman lying unconscious next to the chair he had occupied. John was in a battle with two men simultaneously. What was Sam to do? He could leave, but Sam not Sam. He jumped in to help his new friend. The adventure continues as we watch the new acquaintances battle not only for their own lives, but for the lives and safety of the people of Charlotte.


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