EMX Industries, Inc. CS 202-S-5-50 Carsense 202 Slim Driveway Sensor


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•Power supply: 9-41 VDC or 6-29VAC (not to exceed 35V peak) +/- 10% — ***•Detect current: 12 mA maximum —- ***•Single piece, slim design*Ddetects moving vehicles in an industrial environment where there are blind areas along the driving path and actuates warning lights. —- ***•Stand-by current: 250uA maximum*”Free Exit” vehicle detector for gates, overhead doors and parking barriers.*Outdoor Buried Driveway Sensor Alarm Carsense 202 Slim Features • Sensing probe is buried in the ground so it is not noticed by a potential intruder or vandals. • Has wide power supply options and it can be ordered in 9 V to 35 V AC or DC. The low current consumption of 1.5 mA in standby and 15 mA activated make it an excellent choice for solar power applications*The CarSense 202 Driveway Alert Sensor is based on the well known CarSense 101 design. It has single piece design, making installation easy. The CarSense 202 is suitable for many applications, including safety, security access control, and solar applications.


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