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It was such a romantic whisper that without visually knowing who was calling me, I was swept off my feet: but then he was gone, so I thought. I wanted to know who would be so gentle as to call me by my name in a way that was melodious to my ears. There was love all in his voice. I could hear that he wanted all of me, and not just my physical structure. It took me nearly 12 years to hear from him again. Love does wait and come back around. By this time, I had done and seen so many things that I knew I was not worthy of receiving his love. I needed to fix myself up, but before I knew it, I felt his presence and I had goose bumps all over again. Would I experience the same fear again or would I finally get the love of my life and say to him I do, till death do us partmy eternal vows? Come inside the covers of this book to meet him. You must read whats inside. See Ya! Love can not be measured by what you get from a person. Love is measured by the pureness of ones heart. Catrice Groves


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