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A true passion for music has been the driving force behind Gary Hermans life. Born in Akron, Ohio, he began exploring his own abilities early on. His dad bought his mom a guitar when Gary was eight years old. quot;I would listen to them trying to learn quot;Hey Judequot; late at night.quot; quot;I started teaching myself chords and eventually got good enough that I formed my first band with some friends in high school when I was 15. Ive been playing and traveling ever since.quot; quot;I remember playing along with records using drumsticks on a newspaper when I was a kid. My dad had a couple harmonicas that he kept in a drawer and I would get them out and try to learn songs on them. As I got older I remember listening to passages of records again and again because they gave me goose bumps.quot; His parents took him to his first concert when he was ten. The larger than life sensory assault had a huge impact. He formed his first band quot;The Forgotten Boysquot; in high school. When he started college he discovered the bass guitar and began working with various bands in the Akron, Cleveland area. quot;I played and listened to everything I could find. I played in rock bands, funk bands, classic rock cover bands, jazz bands, learning as much as I could.quot; When he graduated from college he hit the road with a blues band and began traveling the country. He landed in Texas in 1991 and after soaking up some of the soul and sounds of Austin, Texas he knew it was the place for him. He relocated to Texas and began working his way up through the ranks of Austins music scene. He honed his skills with groups like Extreme Heat, Bliss, Alien Spies, Monte Montgomery, and the Lifters, playing and writing songs all along the way. In 1998 he began working with the great Joe Ely and, through that association, also with the critically acclaimed Flatlanders. He has shared the stage with some of Texas finest including Houston Marchman, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Gary P. Nunn, Butch Hancock and most recently Kevin Fowler to name a few. After many years of backing some of the best it was time to step out on his own. Between tours he began work on a series of home demos, playing all the instruments himself, including drums, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, and harmonica. In time, these demos would become his solo debut. The most recent project, called quot;Everything Wavesquot; encapsulates a lifetime of musical searching.


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