Extreme Dimension Wildlife Sportsman’s Wireless Doorbell Almond


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The Sportsman’s Wireless Doorbell can be placed anywhere in your home, hunting camp, office, truck, or even your boat!Extreme Dimension Wildlife programmed in the same 100% natural digital recordings found on the Phantom Pro-Series and mini Phantom digital calls. Have fun with visitors who will be surprised to hear an elk bugle, a buck grunt or the howl of a coyote when they push the transmitter button.Instead of the annoying buzz of a traditional doorbell, be made aware of visitors with a turkey gobble, or an owl hoot or even a duck quack. Perfect for any sportsman who wants to bring his love of animals and nature indoors. Leave the transmitter button anywhere handy or mount to your entryway, it doesn’t matter because it’s wireless!Features:- 100% Natural Digital Recordings- Up to 60-Yard Wireless Remote Range- Easy Installation- Adjustable Volume- 5-8 Second Sound Sequences- Set Sounds to Play Randomly or Repeatedly- Extreme Dimensions wireless door bell- Digital recordings of coyotes deer elk loons owls crows ducks geese moose and turkeys- Doorbell can be Mounted Anywhere- Transmitter Button can be Mounted or Carried- 100% Natural Digital Recordings- ABS Plastic in Almond- 16 Selectable Security Codes to Prevent Outside InterferencePlay these animal sounds:- Coyote- Deer- Elk- Loon- Owl- Crow- Duck- Goose- Moose- Turkey


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