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Having proven their studio ability on their aptly named debut album, nonsense in the dark, fabriclive.48 sees the Filthy Dukes going back to what they know best: uproarious, incendiary dj sets that sizzle through a smorgasboard of genres. Not so much crossing boundaries as erasing them completely, coupling pulsating kick drums, with dreamy melodies, the dukes meld song-writing sensibilities with an ability to turn a dancefloor upside down. Throw down your preconceptions and discard your notions of the sounds of a fabric main room – this is the Filthy Dukes, and this is how they kill em all. The mix ducks and dives through styles and sounds without a moments respite – setting the pace from the off with their own gloriously synth-laden stomper this rhythm, they move through beat the clock by the legendary sparks, aeroplanes disgustingly brilliant italo remix of sebastian tellier – straight out the book of daft punk, and even manage to drift in and out of aphex twins classic windowlicker before the close. The duo, olly dixon and tim lawton, called themselves Filthy Dukes – and the dance-rock djs and promoters have seen some great nights. Their London club kill em all had progressed from camdens gloriously grotty barfly to the bodysonic dancefloor of our fabriclive on friday nights. They booked early gigs by bloc party, justice, cut copy, crystal castles, and late of the pier – bands who fitted the dj-slash-promoters musical vision of a banging night that mixed the energy of a live band with the power of dance music. All the while, their status as in-demand remixers continues, with new commissions for white lies, bloc party and lil wayne cohort kevin rudolph. Filthy Dukes, like this mix, are all over the place, in a good way.


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