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Remember the days before lip-syncing? When artists really had a voice? The harsh reality that many songstresses cant even perform their own music is daunting. But once in a while there comes a singer who can replicate her evocative vocals in the studio as well as in front of an audience. Flairs Andrea Davis has a deep down strength in her voice and emanates this emotive energy on stage. Like any great singer, Andrea has a great compliment–the diverse trio that each bring something different to the table– Jason Miller on guitar and vocals, David Larsen on bass and Kurt Ruleman on drums. Jason strokes his guitar with absolute, dizzying fury and his calm demeanor and relaxed backing vocals make for a perfect partner to Andreas animated presence. Davids thundering bass is honed to perfection by a classically trained musical background, and Kurts amazing drumming force is what drives it all. The result is Flair, a tongue-in-cheek reference to indie cult flick, Office Space, where Stan, the manager of the local eatery Chotchkies, encourages his employees to wear more buttons (flair) to better express themselves. Whether they are belting out driving rhythms or singing heartfelt melodies, no band is more expressive than Flair. Andrea and Jason (both in previous bands Cherry Bomb and Aura) write all of their music together, and their true-to-life storytelling is grounded and filled with familiar themes: relationships, love, life and survival. Their songs run the auditory gamut from upbeat, danceable tunes such as Blinded to the rocking Hurting Me, a song with strong emotion, frustration, and a little anger, to The Day I Met You, a good riding in the car on a pretty day with the windows down kind of song. There is no limit to the heights this band can scale together. Flairs sound is timeless, effective and incredibly expressive, and they dont need buttons to convey their emotions. It all comes out in their music.


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