Hornady SST-ML Speed Sabot – .50 Caliber – 250 Grain


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Get better long-range performance from every shot with your muzzleloader with Hornady® SST-ML™ Speed Sabot®. Devastingly accurate, these “easy-load” sabots seal up against the rifling in your muzzleloader to help deliver the highest velocity, flattest trajectory performance on the market. These high performance bullets also feature a Flex Tip® that compresses into the front of the bullet upon impact for improved expansion and deadlier terminal performance. Plastic peg at the rear of the sabot works easily with powder pellets, helping make these sabots 50% easier to load than conventional sabots. An advanced design that delivers 200+ yard surgical performance. Hard hitting, high performance sabots Surgical accuracy for 200+ yard performance 50% easier to load than conventional sabots – rear peg works easily with powder pellets Patented Flex Tip™ design


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