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quot;Only a fool ducks when the truth is thrown at em / Quit acting like doubts and fears, we dont have em / must learn to fight back the negative thoughts, replace them with good / Sacrifice ourselves for the whole, the way that we should…quot; (excerpts from the song entitled LONG WALK ON A SHORT PATH HRI Inc.) Words that are usually expressed by motivational speakers, counselors, and the likes are now introduced to you through ORION quot;The Rhythmatic Wordquot; (Pronounced Oh-Ri-On). ORION has skillfully woven morality and musicianship throughout his music. His message has demanded the ears of every listener who has come in contact with it. The music has been described as an effortless conglomeration of neo soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop. He has been likened to the lyrical expertise of Jay-z, the musical vibes of the Staple Singers, and the soulful vocals of Bill Withers. The likeness that would best prepare you for his style is a male version of Lauryn Hill. However, ORION has found it difficult to fit into any one genre and as a result he has created his own. THE RHYTHMATIC WORD is (if asked) how he would describe what he does. quot;The music I create is for everyone. No one race, creed, or color is excluded when I write. Music is a universal language and in my opinion should contain words of Hope, Truth and Love, which we ALL need and can relate to. Hence, I label the music THE RHYTHMATIC WORD-Rhythm & Hope…Rhythm & Truth…Rhythm & Love… not just Rhythm and Bluesquot; In addition to his speaking and writing abilities, ORION is a true musician. His instruments of choice are the Trumpet and French horn. He composes, arranges and produces all of his own music which he then transcribes into sheet music so that he can be accompanied by electronics or live band when necessary. It definitely doesnt take any length of time to be impressed with this young man, his abilities have taken him to Liberia, West Africa where a recording label by the name of Hathors Recordings International has made him their marquee artist. ***INTERVIEW with ORION THE RHYTHMATIC WORD*** Q: WHY THE NAME ORION? A: Firstly, the name is associated with the direction of HEAVEN throughout the scriptures. It comes from the Greek word for HEAVEN which is quot;OURANOUSquot;. It is also made reference to in Amos 5:8 of the Holy Bible. It symbolizes my quest to exemplify righteous qualities before the most high and man. Q: WHEN DID YOU BEGIN TO DO MUSIC? A: It started in the 6th Grade. My Mother bought a trumpet for me and that was the beginning. I flourished at trumpet and French horn. The most special part about playing was the harmony. I quickly learned that you can not create harmony without team work. Lifes Harmony is a beautiful experience when we all work together. Q: WHY DO YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE THE TYPE OF MUSIC YOUVE NAMED quot;THE RHYTHMATIC WORDquot;? A: I feel that every person or musician has their own tune or tone. Tone is vibration and all people are affected by your quot;vibe.quot; Thats why I choose to call it quot;The Rhythmatic Wordquot;. Rhythm is vibration. Vibration is Life, for all things vibrate. I do music to help promote life. Q: WHO AND WHAT ARE YOUR MUSICAL INFLUENCES? A: I love all music that inspires. You know, its called quot;Feel Goodquot; Music. Artists Like Dr. York, Curtis Mayfield and Bill Withers, also my favorite band, BrainStorm of Tabu records-1978, who mastered producing great music with a Godly message! Q: WHAT IS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE LYRICS IN YOUR SONGS? A: My de


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