Into Your Sleeping Heart


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North Carolinas Regina Hexaphone has been kicking around for nigh on ten years, but their musical pedigrees extend well beyond that. A talented multi-instrumentalist in her own right, Sara Bell has toured extensively, playing with Tres Chicas, Shark Quest, Anders Parker, Dana & Karen Kletter, Dish, Jeffrey Dean Foster and many others. Bassist Chris Clemmons founded the band with Bell in 1997. Drummer and legendary indie rock producer Jerry Kee replaced original drummer Zeke Hutchins in 2003, and has performed with and recorded more bands at his Duck Kee Studio than can possibly be listed here. Bell, Clemmons and Kee are joined on quot;Into Your Sleeping Heartquot; by part-time members Nathan Brown and Margaret White (Cat Power, Jennifer OConnor, Portastatic, Belle & Sebastian, Sparklehorse). Special guests include Anders Parker (Varnaline) and Greg Humphreys (Hobex). The album, their second, is a stunning sophomore release. Following their 2004 debut quot;The Beautiful World,quot; the Hex have crafted another confident, genre-melding musical palette from which the songs and stories of Sara Bell spring forth and burrow their way deep into your memory. Call it folk, call it pop, call it rock, call it Americana: this is magical music for the heart and the soul. A rich, sonorous excursion through gentle, loping melodies guided by Sara Bells dreamy vocals. –Chris Parker, Independent Weekly.


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