Jingles Bell Balls – set of 6


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Challenge: I run a blind tennis program and need a ball that makes a noise. Plus a ball that rings or “jingles” would be great for my 10 and Under program as well to add fun for kids. Solution: Jingles Bell Balls are softball-size foam balls, with an internal bell that rings when it strikes any surface or the racquet. These fun balls are ideal for beginning players on 36-foot courts in 10 and Under Tennis programs. Jingles are made from 100% density top-of-the-line foam balls, designed for durability and consistent bounce. They also rebound to an appropriate height for the youngest of players. They come as a set of 6, 12 or a case of 144. Jingles Bell Balls are also a ground-breaking training aid for sight-impaired tennis players. The bell inside makes playing fun while helping with tracking and rhythm skill-building.Package Quantity : 6


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