Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill Case #1: The Great Pie Catastrophe


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Down in Acorn Valley, just before the 42nd Annual Pie Festival could begin, a crime was committed. Someone stole Miss Cluck’s Blueberry Pie that she was going to enter into the Pie Contest. Who did she call to come to her aid? She called the best detectives in the valley of course, Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill Animal Detectives. As they discover clues and gather facts, the hunt begins and Joe-Joe and Biscuit follow animal tracks that lead them to four different suspects. Bears, ducks, frogs, raccoons . . . oh my! But who committed the crime? Use your deduction and reasoning skills to solve the case along with Joe-Joe and Biscuit. Learn about animal tracks and some of the animals who make them. Can the case be solved before the judging of the pies? Come find out in Book #1: The Great Pie Catastrophe.


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