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The year is 1912Lord and Lady Clayton, with their newborn son, Robert, are bound to Cape Town-Wellington in their flying machine to foresee the construction of railways. During the journey, their flying machine encounters a flock of migrating geese so numerous that Lord Clayton thought he was seeing storm cloud ahead. It is too late to turn back and the cloud comes too fast too soon.Driven by curiosity of the first mammoth flying thing they see, the geese flap closer. Then they start ramming on the flying machine in all directions nearly causing the flyer to plunge to a fatal crash.The crash is completed by marauding apes. The mishap kills Lord and Lady Clayton instantly. The migrating geese return to save the Baby Robert from the Apes. The apes are beaten andWitnessing the death of two humans, the wisest of all the geese, mahatma the Gander and his wife Cleoquackquack, opts to stay to prevent another death that of the childs, if they all leave. Those that remained set up a permanent settlement at the foot of The Blue Misty Mountain — where a supposed hermit duck lives in one of the caves of its unconquered summit — and calls it Fort Quack. The boy is named Kwek-Kwek. He acts, eats and fights like one of them. The only thing he could not do is fly which Mahatma the Gander had not yet given up trying to teach the boy. Drak the Peking Duck, the martial arts duck from the Orient teaches Kwek-Kwek Tad-Jak Sapak-Tuka the goose art of fighting.Somewhere Russia, a fence and a treasure hunter , Sir Edward Spencer and his lackey, Ivan Warren, get hold of a manuscript of Aesops fable on the goose that lays golden egg. Following the clue, the two embark to a quest, chasing their own tails, until they come across Mother Goose Oliver Goldsmith. They torture him to reveal what he knows. When the knowledge is finally affirmed, the two consolidates a force that can defeat any tribe that will stand between them and the Golden Duck.Meanwhile, Bianca Jill, an American ornithology student, gets lost during a field trip and harass by a pack of hyenas. She is saved by Kwek-Kwek and they become friends. But the day finally come that she has to leave him for home.


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