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Dear Listener, The album you have here is one, that Maria and Piotr Kudelka, a brother and sister duo would like to share with you. Like a tiny plant, which needs watering, fertilizing, and patient tender for it to grow strong and give rise to ripe and tasty fruit, so this album. From tentative beginnings the music highlights their talents and provides the listener with the sound that Maria and Piotr believe will bring calm and comfort in todays noisy and restless world. Pedro Y Mari is a vocal-guitar duo, well matched and full of harmony, as can only happen between brother and sister, who both love music and agree about it without redundant words. It might seem they simply think music, dream music, speak music resulting in all quot;pastelquot; melodies to be found on this record. To their own spcialit de la maison they have added only the best and well balanced quot;herbs and spicesquot; by way of the first class musicians, that Maria and Piotr invited to join their music project one sunny July day in Summer 2012. Maria (Mari) learnt to sing jazz in London. But her music education also embraces playing piano and flute. Since her earliest days shes always been surrounded by music. For her, music is a kind of social communion. quot;Id like my melodies to help people in their struggle against sorrows and difficulties of everyday life,quot; – she says – quot;to discover for themselves all this magic and power of music, and enjoy it as much, as I doquot;. Pedro (Piotr) studied guitar under Prof. Alina Gruszka at the The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. But his earlier experience of music, as a young boy, included playing piano and violin. Hes a prize winner of many musical festivals, among them guitar festivals in Gdansk, Krynica and Sanok. In 2001 the president of Katowice awarded him with the Prize for Outstanding Youth Talents. In 2011 Piotr was awarded the Positive Spirit Prize by the International Youth Meeting Center in Oswiecim/Auschwitz. When it comes to music, he does not have a one track mind. He says: quot;I love to find myself in various musical environments, I love that feeling of goose pimples evoked by the unexpected – Im sure, you know what I mean!quot; Mari feels there are many people who have contributed to the making of this album, not physically but by providing her with inspiration and support, in particular Krzys with his love; her parents with their unending encouragement; her siblings with their patience and friendship; Babi, as she calls her granny, who always provided delicious food and lots of fabulous stories. Also, not to be forgotten are the priests: Rys Sieranski, father Tomek Rakowski, father Bartosz Madejski whose spiritual support has been invaluable, as has the sensitive ear of both father Tomasz Jaklewicz and Basia Gruszka-Zych. quot;Then there are those who have helped to introduce me to and open up this fascinating world of music, in particular Maria Grecka, Malgorzata Komorowska and Danuta Sandecka and finally Malgosia quot;Majkaquot; Karla, true and reliable friend. But first and foremost thank have to go to Pedro and Ola, as well as their kids Szymon and Krzys, who have always been the greatest inspiration and without whose support this album could not have been made.quot; Piotr wishes to thank God first and foremost. His wife Ola and sons Szymon and Krzys; his parents, siblings, grandmother and friends; all who have been his inspiration and encouraged him through all great challenges. quot;This album has been one such a challenge, and


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