Local’s Travel Handbook : Jekyll Island


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There’s more to Jekyll Island than meets the eye. Local’s Travel Handbook: Jekyll Island puts boots on the ground to reveal the very best that Jekyll Island has to offer, from little-known historical landmarks veiled beneath the canopies of thick maritime forests, to mysterious points of interest hidden in plain sight. In our Jekyll Island travel guide, we uncover a host of insider tips about this historic state park off the Georgia coast, including creative activities and places to explore that are sure to produce robust experiences for new visitors, while breathing fresh air into vacations and weekend getaways for island regulars. Explore coastal trails that will take you by sites such as the centuries-old Grandfather Tree, clandestine coastal defenses left over from the Spanish-American War, the popular duck-hunting grounds of the Jekyll Island Club Era, and 18th century pathways walked by the first European settlers to call this member of the Golden Isles their home. Discover Jekyll Island’s myriad wildlife viewing opportunities, including information on where to heighten your chances of spotting bottlenose dolphins, Georgia alligators, sea turtles and migratory birds. Our print edition is densely packed with information to help you pick restaurants on a budget, choose the right hotel without getting ripped off, find the best places to cast a line and catch more fish, and where to capture the best sunrises and sunsets the Georgia coast has to offer – all while including nearly 100 black-and-white photos of Georgia’s Gem, complete with maps, illustrations, contact information, addresses, and directions to the most interesting places to see on Jekyll Island. If you’re looking for a local’s perspective to guide you through one of the South’s most captivating seaside destinations, then Local’s Travel Handbook: Jekyll Island is a must-have companion for any seriously curious coastal traveler.


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