Luce the Goose – by Kay Bolin (Paperback)


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Kay Bolin was elected the 2018 Loveland, Ohio, Valentine Lady and part of her responsibility was to visit community schools (Pre-K through 3rd grade classes). Kay decided that would be a great time to share the true story of Luce the Goose and the lessons learned from Luce with the classes (approximately 1200 children plus their teachers). The story and lesson mesmerized the students and their teachers. The response is what inspired Kay to write this children’s book. Enjoy and please don’t forget to share love and kindness because the opportunity is everywhere and the reward is the best feeling ever! Gregg Litchfield is a digital and watercolor artist from the wonderful area of Loveland, OH. He specializes in transforming photographs into digital paintings using his unique process he calls “Paintography”. You can see his work at


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