Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror with Ultra Bright 4.5″ Auto Adjusting Brightness LCD + HD 1080p DVR 360° Recorder – Universal Fit


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Master Tailgaters 360 Panoramic Full Windshield Replacement all-in-one Mirror, DVR Dash Cam and Monitor – Cabin Camera Perfect for Uber/Lyft/Taxi DriversThis Panoramic DVR with 360 Camera and 4.5″ Touch Screen is not made like other, cheaper dash cams.This device replaces your vehicles factory rear view mirror. The 360 directly mounted to the bottom of the mirror keeps the car cabin looking clean and minimal! Perfect for ridesharing drivers such as Uber, Lyft, or taxi.Videos and photos are saved onto a Micro SD card up to 64GB (NOT INCLUDED) – you can view your recordings directly on the mirror or save the files from the micro SD card to your computer.A backup camera (included) can be hooked up to the DVR and will automatically display full screen when the car is in reverse to give you a clear view of what’s around your car.Easy to Install:Installation is easy, simply remove your factory mirror and slide in our 360 Replacement mirror to your factory bracket. If the factory bracket does not fit, ITS OKAY! We include a replacement bracket to make sure youre covered!The DVR cam comes standard with a power and ground which connects really easy!It will start up once the car’s engine is turned on.Four Adjustable Display Modes1. Around Mode: With the lens angled down, this mode will split the full 360 view in half and display two separate 180 displays – front exterior and inside cabin view. It can be adjusted to show passengers inside of the car as well.2. Wide Mode: With the lens angled forward towards the windshield, the camera will display the widest available angle to show what’s ahead of you.3. Ball Mode: With the lens angled down, this is a full 360 panoramic view, recording the car’s interior and the forward exterior in the same shot. You can swipe around to view the entire scene clearly.4. Four Mode: With the lens angled down, the DVR will display the full 360 view split into quarters, using four separate 90 displays. All four views can be adjusted with a simple swipe on the screen.The backup camera view is always displayed on screen. Tapping on the backup display will expand it to full screen. Premium Touch Screen:The DVR’s sleek 5″ LCD touch screen is very responsive and feels as smooth and modern as a smartphone. Switching display modes or taking a screenshot only takes a quick tap of the screen.You can even use the touch screen to swipe and move around the display to view the entire 360 panoramic recording playback, or change which display mode you prefer to view the recording in.Dual-Way Recording:The DVR camera records in 1080P at a panoramic 360 angle to make sure you don’t miss anything around you while you drive.The 140 wide angle backup camera will get rid of your car’s blind spots and displays full screen when in reverse to help you fit into a parking spot effortlessly.Loop Recording:The DVR will keep recording until to SD card is full. It will provide a seamless loop recording when memory is full and record over the oldest video.This will prevent you from running out of storage space and will allow the camera to record non-stop.G Sensor:When the car is parked, the DVR can be set to Parking Mode. It will use the G-Sensor function to detect any vibrations or movements around your car and automatically start recording a 10-second video clip, which will be locked to keep it from being overwritten.No one wants a car accident, but if it does happen, our DVR will have your back giving you this valuable evidence.


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