Mayday!: Air, LAnd and Sea Disasters (Blu-ray)


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Its everyones worst nightmare: A leisurely air, train or sea voyage gone horribly wrong! Why do these terrible mishaps occur? Human error? Sabotage? Act of God? Mayday! Features a sustained investigation of some of the most harrowing high-profile disasters of recent years, providing vivid reenactments and persuasive analysis. Skillfully assembled from information recovered from cockpit voice recordings, radio transmission transcripts and investigative reports, these dramatic recreations will put you right in the thick of the tragedy. Youll share the panic that gripped doomed crews and passengers as the altimeter dropped! Youll stand shoulder to shoulder with the people on the ground or the shore who strove desperately to stave off the inevitable catastrophe. Each one-hour episode of Mayday! #also features compelling contextual material – culled from news sources, eyewitness reports and interviews with family members of the victims – to flesh out the portrait of tragedies like 1986s VIA Rail collision in Canada, 1999s Egypt Air Flight 990 disaster and 2002s Puma helicopter crash in the UK. Furthermore, the series is loaded with fascinating coverage of the safety measures employed to keep these terrible incidents at bay – including looks at the timing of airline safety checks, emergency protocols for evading missile attacks and procedures for dealing with guidance and weapons system sabotage! Episodes: Hanging by a Thread, Attack over Baghdad, Out of Control, Fight for your Life, Bomb on Board, Mistaken Identity, Helicopter Down, Death and Denial, Kid in the Cockpit, Head on Collision, Collision Course, Runaway Train, Ocean Landing, Miracle Escape, Falling from the Sky, Fire in the Sky, Blind Landing, Hidden Danger, China Air, Out of Sight, Fog of War, Vertigo, Ghost Plane.


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