Me & Super Nobel (Other)


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This story is about a comedian named Pencil Joe who lives in Canada and just discover his most hated roommate name Nobel has a secret life being a superhero when he saved his city from tragedy. Pencil Joe is a prankster who loves to wear his silly pencil costume suit for his standup comedy shows to make people laugh, but sometimes he wears it publicly just for fun. He decided to move away from Canada for a while to live with Nobel, who’s a duck that lives in Green Valley City, Nevada. They both never get along with each other than as roommates. Nobel or you shall call him, Super Nobel, protects Green Valley City, a place with lots of crime and villains who have incredible powers, that some look at as the great mighty gods. Luckily, Super Nobel is in town and always makes sure to keep the deadliest criminals in line – all thanks to his mighty powers.


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