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This trivia book contains: 12,000 questions 480 quizzes 25 questions per quiz Truly a mega-sized book of 12,000 trivia questions, divided into 480 separate quizzes. Fun for the family or using the content for professional quiz nights. Ideal for revising your general knowledge or entertaining others on long journeys. This book mixes up easy to hard questions across random subjects, so it’s fun for everyone to read. Learn some new things today! Examples: What colour does litmus paper turn when dipped in acid? – Red What ‘E’ is a ballet dancer’s leap, where their legs are rapidly crossed? – Entrechat What is your epidermis? – Your skin What is the sugar found in milk called? – Lactose What is the name of the current calendar we use today? – Gregorian calendar In which year did Micheal Jackson top the charts with the song ‘Black or White’? 1981, 1991, 2001? – 1991 Which grow faster? Toe nails or fingernails? – Fingernails What is the best selling copyrighted book of all time? – Guinness Book of Records Brian McFadden was a former member of what boy band until 2004? – Westlife (the band retired in June 2012) What color is Donald Duck’s pants? – Nothing. He doesn’t wear any What ‘I’ is a north-western US mountain state? – Idaho One stands in Central Park, New York, the other by the banks of the Thames, London, what are they? – Cleopatras Needles Who wrote the famous book A Brief History of Time in 1988? – Stephen Hawking


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