MeYouQ: Life-Changing Protocols for People Leaders (Paperback)


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MeYouQ: Life-Changing Protocols for People Leaders is a must read for individuals wanting to transform their lives and the lives of others to reduce stress and have better relationships and psychological health and safety at work. It considers that the problems we have with other people or with our environment can be managed by making changes within ourselves first. Through the MeYouQ process, we will achieve more peace in our lives, more acceptance of the diversity that surrounds us, less conflict, and fewer misunderstandings. People Leaders in particular, need these skills to build the types of relationships that are needed for employee engagement, satisfaction, productivity, and good mental health.Before we can look after others, we must first take care of ourselves, so MeYouQ begins with self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-management. When we reflect on the different aspects of ourselves and how they might be impacting our lives, we can better understand why we do the things we do. MeYouQ encourages us to develop mindfulness about our behavior and not allow our personal traits to steer us blindly.Next, MeYouQ helps us control our judgment of others and accept people as they are, just as we accept ourselves. We learn how to stop the critical voice in our head that wishes people would be different, and begin to focus more on the strengths and potential in others.The MeYouQ process culminates with applying what we’ve learned to build productive relationships. We find a common ground or interest on which to connect with others and form the rapport and trust needed to foster a relationship. This strong interpersonal connection allows us to better communicate our desires and have our needs met, while supporting others in achieving their goals.In the last part of the book, People Leaders receive a crash-course in management theory, including: leadership theory, motivation theory, personal management skills, stress management, supervision, and training skills. Each area outlines several protocols that provide for employees’ and team members’ Psychological Health and Safety. These include ensuring work-life balance, increasing engagement, caring for organizational culture, developing employees, and providing clear expectations. By the end of the book, it is apparent that leaders with a strong MeYouQ can create the environment needed for employee support and success, results for the organization, and increased wellness in their own lives.


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